Get paid to dance!

Join our Fred Astaire London TEAM  DREAM JOB for people that love to get paid to dance, travel, & sleep in :)

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  • Action based job with a lot of variation, performance and competition opportunities! 
  • The BEST, most thorough training program 
  • A FUN team that supports and guides when needed
  • A wonderful way to truly care for people in the healthiest activity!   
  • A proven curriculum that will keep students coming back over and over!
  • A great way to be creative, physical, and knowledgable 
  • Results driven 
  • Bonus System & Benefits 
  • Play at work all day!
  • It's perfect for you if you LOVE dancing

Meet Our Team

About our staff

Kate Oliphant

Owner/ Manager

Kate has been in the dance business for over 15 years & now is the owner of Fred Astaire Dance Studio London! She is an undefeated dance champion and spends a lot of time training staff.  Kate has a Masters in Social Work and is certified in Process Communication Model - the most expansive human-behaviour certification in people in the world.   If you like to be coached & empowered to build your own skills, you'll be happy as a member of our team!
Ryan Henriquez

instructor and sales coach

Ryan has been on our team for 4 years and is one of the top teachers in Ontario!  As a patient, knowledgeable and driven person, he is a great at training and teaching both staff and students!  He is our idea guy and visionary!  You'll be working with him if you make it into the training program.
Shaun Rollo

Instructor & dance coach

Shaun is new to London but not to Fred Astaire Dance Studio!  He taught and trained in Hamilton before he decided to become a Londoner!  He wears a few hats on our team - teacher, administrator, dance coach and he handles our enrolment registration process!  He also trains new staff joining our team!
Ali Balfe


Ali is our only part-time employee.  She is a vibrant, exciting, and passionate teacher but is still raising a couple young kids.  She is our resident actress and is a top performer!  She trains our students in production tricks!  Ali is our Party host and makes sure everyone has a great time!
Deb Moran


Deb is our Junioring specialist.  She works with young dancers and is a genius at helping people who have never set foot on a dance floor! She is passionate, determined, and always ready for a great time!
Jeff Fox

Visiting dance director

Jeff has danced for over 25 years and is an undefeated dance champion!  He is also a very accomplished choreographer.  He works between Kitchener and London offering his insane skill set!  He is best known for his ability to make any dance movement into an amazing analogy! 
Jean Marc Genereux

International dance coach

If you have watched 'If You Think You Can Dance' Canada and America - this guy will look very familiar!  We knew him first, as he has been on our board for years!  He comes to visit a few times a year to train staff and students!
Ines de La Roca

 dance instructor

Ines spent many years competing all around the world!  She is now working on her education at the University of Western Ontario and teaching a few hours a week in our studio!  She is incredibly accomplished at the International Style of dance.